Match Calendar

Match Calendar 2017



Sun 9th  Work Party   9am
SUN 16TH Aldin Grange   ( Blackbird) 9 oclock 10 – 3pm
Fri 5th Friday Night Series (1) 5pm 6 – 9pm
Fri 12th Friday Night Series (2) 5pm 6 – 9pm
Fri 19th Friday Night Series (3) 5pm 6 – 9pm
Fri 26th Friday Night Series (4) 5pm 6 – 9pm
Sun 28t Aldin Grange (Kingfisher) 9 oclock 10 – 3pm
Fri 2nd Friday Night Series (5) 5pm 6 – 9pm
Fri 9th Friday Night Series (6) 5pm 6 – 9pm
Sun 18th Vic Mclean Trophy gam 10-3pm
Fri 23rd Friday Night Series (7) 5pm 6 -9pm
Fri 30th Friday Night Series (8) 5pm 6 – 9pm
Fri 7th John Dee Trophy 5pm 6 – 9pm
Sat 8th Work Party   9am
Fri 14th Pole Trophy 5pm 6 – 9pm
Fri 21st Pairs Trophy 5pm 6 – 9pm
Sun 23rd Fred Harvey Memorial gam 10-3pm
Sun 30th Harry Palmer Memorial Sam 10-3pm
Sun6th John Todd Memorial Sam 10-3pm
Sun 13th John Lambert Memorial gam 10-3pm
Sun 20th Winter Series (1) 9am 10-3pm
SUN 3rd Winter Series (2) Sam 10-3pm
Sun 10th Winter Series (3) gam 10-3pm
Sun 17th Winter Series (4) gam 10-3pm
SUN 24th Winter Series (5)    
OCTOBER   Sam 10-3pm
Sun 1st Winter Series (6) Sam 10-3pm
SAT 7th Work Party       9am





  1. All matches will be pegged (decided by recorded draw).
  2. Competitors must stay within the confines of numbered pegs until the final signal or they leave the water.
  3. A competitor may fish as far as half the distance between his/her peg and the peg on either side. When competitors are drawn on opposite banks, the limit will be half the distance between banks. The competitor will restrict all his/her activities, tackle, bait and groundbait to these limits.
  4. No limit to the number of tackles assembled but only one rod, line and hook to be used at any one time. The remainder to be pointed away from the water unbaited.
  5. Groundbait – refer to “rule 12” of Lake Rules.
  6. All fish to count except minnows, sticklebacks and crustaceans.
  7. Keepnets – refer to “rule 16” of Lake Rules.
  8. Competitors must strike, play and land their own fish except juniors, who are allowed assistance to land fish if in difficulty.
  9. Any person found leaving litter of any kind will not be allowed to weigh in. All litter to be taken home.
  10. No live or dead baiting, spinning, treble hooks or artificial lures.
  11. The surface of the water must not be broken before the start signal other than to place rod rests, place keepnets, mix grounbait and plumb depth.
  12. No tackle to be left in the water unattended.
  13. Competitors will fish between the start and finish signals only. Any competitor hooking a fish just prior to the finish signal will be allowed 15 minutes after the finish signal, to land and weigh the fish.
  14. Fishing times to be declared before the match commences.
  15. All weights will be recorded and rounded up to the nearest half ounce.
  16. The first 36 names to fish matches.
  17. Any complaints must be logged with the Match Secretary (or his/her deputy) within 10 minutes of time being called. Complaints will be dealt with by the Match Secretary (or his/her deputy) and any disciplinary procedure deemed necessary, subject to full Committee ratification, will be within his/her jurisdiction. Any or all prizes will be withheld pending such decision. The Match Secretary has the authority to adjust match rules in emergency conditions.
  18. No wading allowed.
  19. All competitors must weigh all fish caught.
  20. Pairs Matches – Pegs to be drawn from the hat. Only named pairs accepted. No entry allowed after the draw has been made.
  21. No entry to matches will be accepted after the start signal.
  22. Any junior member holding a junior licence at the beginning of the year will be allowed to fish all junior matches for that year whether he/she reaches the age of 16 or not.
  23. The use of optonics/bite alarms is prohibited during matches.
  24. No juniors will be allowed to enter senior matches.
  25. Any carp caught during a match weighing 3lbs or more, will incur a weight of 3lbs only.
  26. Pools for all club matches will be optional.

The following additional rules will be applied to the Summer Night Series

  1. Competitors will fish to club match rules.
  2. In the event of a tie on points, the aggregate weight of all matches will decide.
  3. All fish must be weighed in, any competitor failing to do so will result in disqualification from the series and may also be banned from fishing some or all club matches during the season.
  4. Match Secretary will decide selection of club teams.

Details of the current pools amounts and the points system in operation, can be obtained from the Match Secretary