Adults joining can have free junior membership for children under 16 for the first year this includes grandchildren.

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  1. Only fully paid up members, day ticket holders, exchange permit holders or invited teams shall fish the lake.
  2. Members using club waters must carry: – Disgorger, Suitable landing net and their club cards. If requested, must produce their cards to any Constable, Bailiff, Keeper, Owner/Tennant or their servants or any club member.
  3. Members must report the loss of their club cards to the Secretary and a replacement can be issued upon receipt of a £2.00 fee.
  4. Members must be in possession of a current Water Authority Licence and must fish in accordance with local byelaws unless otherwise stated.
  5. No member shall carry a gun, rifle or gaff nor leave fishing line, hooks etc on club premises. All Litter To Be Taken Home.
  6. Any member found damaging fences, crops, trespassing on adjoining land (including British Rail Property), lighting fires, insulting any club official, tenants or their servants or found breaking any club rule, shall be reported to the Secretary and may be expelled at the next Committee meeting.
  7. Access to the lake shall be via the footbridge at the railway station or from School Aycliffe Lane via the track leading to the club car park. Cars can also be parked at the Oak Leaf Leisure Complex and access gained via the agreed footpath down to the lake.
  8. No vehicle will drive behind the golf course greens without first stopping at the signs at either end or checking for playing golfers. Under no circumstances will a member drive his/her vehicle along the track whilst golfers are playing on the green. Golfers have right of way at all times, also priority must be given to vehicles leaving the lake car park. Maximum speed limit is 5mph between bridges. Failure to observe any part of this rule will result in an automatic 3-month suspension for a first offence and expulsion for further breeches.
  9. No member shall deviate from the recognised paths and/or facilities nor shall any member fish any other place other than recognised pegs.
  10. No fish whatsoever are to be entered into or removed from club waters without the Committee’s permission.
  11. All fish must be returned to the water in the best possible condition.
  12. Groundbait Allowances – 1/2 kilo (Dry) per day to be introduced using the following methods only.       a) Hand b) Cup c) Feeder d) Catapult (Groundbait constitutes anything other than hook bait) If fishing a match on the same day, the match limit will also be permitted.
  13. Manufactured course pellets only. (Trout pellets are banned)
  14. Only one rod may be used at any one time.
  15. No wading allowed unless authorised by Pond Management Team or Bailiffs.
  16. No close season – Fishing all year round.
  17. Keepnets must be at least 2 metres in length and have a minimum diameter of 35cm. All nets must be of a knotless variety. In the interest of conservation, club officials are empowered to order the emptying of nets at any time except during matches.
  18. No night fishing.
  19. Lake Closures Daytime matches – 6am on same day until after match. Evening matches – 4pm same day until after match.
  20. Day Permits Day permits will be allowed after 9am each day of the year except for match calendar dates.
  21. All bait must be carried in proper bait containers.
  22. All hooks other than barbless or microbarbed up to a maximum size 6 are banned.
  23. No line or hook, baited or otherwise, to be left unattended in the water at any time.